Tuesday, August 18, 2015

book review | 9 thoughts that can change your marrriage

This book was really refreshing. Organized into nine different "thoughts", as the title implies, it combats common misconceptions about marriage and husbands, pointing out mistaken thinking patterns we've all fallen into at times. But it doesn't stop there - throughout the book there are plenty of "action steps" and practical suggestions for how to implement change in areas where the marriage needs work. It was a great mix of personal experiences, life lessons, and spiritual teachings (many of which apply not just to marriage but also to other relationships in our lives). Many of the things discussed by author Sheila Wray Gregoire are things that were not brand new to me, but to have them all in one book - and to have her thoughts and spiritual insight on them - was very valuable.

The last "thought" in the book focuses on being careful not to drift apart, and I think that was the most relevant and eye-opening to my life right now. If Grant and I do not take time to make our marriage a priority, our natural tendency is to drift apart. As in the rest of the book, this chapter was equal parts "warning" and "encouragement" and I felt like it was very timely for me to read it as I launch into a part-time job.

One of my favorite quotes in the whole book actually really didn't have anything to do with marriage at all, but about building community. Found on page 199, it's actually quoting someone else who is an inner-city church planter, but it says, "true community comes only when you can waste time together". For me, it was good affirmation to realize that the time Grant and I spend at the end of the day catching up, when it seems like responsibly we should be sleeping, is actually one of the best ways we can use that time. But it was also a helpful perspective on other areas of life and relationships.

Overall the book is insightful and yet easy to read. I read it in short quick segments here and there and never felt like I had a hard time getting back into it. Perfect for a young wife and mom. :)

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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