Friday, June 26, 2015


I have sinned and come short of His glory;
So have you - you have your own story.

My sin is legal; now yours is too
But neither of us will make it through.

Not without sacrifice, not without blood
not without accepting the only true love.

Every knee will bow to Him, every tongue confess
In the end the Creator is the one who knows the best.

The darkness is overwhelming, but I pray my light can shine
So on that day we both can say: "I see! No longer blind!"

I think about the lights around that have always shone for me.
Leading me to a redeemed life, one step closer to free.

I want to be that light for you - but how? I'm at a loss.
The only answer for both of us lies within the Cross.

Laying down our lives for others, loving deeper than before
Admitting His Almighty hand and reaching out for more.

Examining ourselves to see - are we in the faith?
Acknowledging daily that what we are is only by His grace.

Sin and wrong have consequences - now and on judgment day.
Correction hurts, but I reach for the prize - I'll walk the narrow way.

Come along and join me - life is too short to waste.
But if you just don't want to, I promise I won't hate.

I'll go before my Father in prayer and petition on your behalf.
I'll pray He saves us both from ourselves - from walking the wrong path.

My prayers will still go heavenward, and I know that He will listen.
My hope is in something beyond this life - not a movement, not a position.

Because when I stand before His throne I know that I'll be speechless.
To share God's goodness and my desperate need - I could never fully preach it.

Let my life be a light then, to declare His name
His glory and honor - not my earthly fame.

I'm not enough, I haven't arrived.
But because of His mercy I will claim the prize.

To be faithful to Him above all I desire.
I'm nothing - I'm nothing - I'm nothing, my Savior.

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