Wednesday, June 1, 2016

book review | having a martha home the mary way

This book was not what I was expecting when I first received it, which was a little bit disappointing; HOWEVER, I quickly realized that it actually would have been annoying if it had been what I was expecting, so all of that to say, I really like this book. Instead of just talking about cleaning your house (which would, admittedly, be less work), it makes you do it. It's a 31-day challenge to a cleaner house... but also to a "satisfied soul" as the cover states. Let's not be deceived...  cleanliness is not actually next to godliness, and a cleaner house does not ensure joy and peace within. However, it is inspiring... when we're clean and disciplined on the outside, it carries over to the inside... and vice versa. This book is definitely for any stay-at-home mom looking to organize the chaos a little bit - both spiritual and physical.

I'll preface this review by saying that I'm actually just getting started... or rather, thinking about getting started. I've skimmed through the book some, but want to do the actual challenge when I will be around for 31 actual days, which is probably not until... next year? No, but honestly, I did want to wait until school was out and homemaking was my primary role again.

One thing that I love about this book is that it puts equal emphasis and appreciation on the "Mary" and "Martha" parts of all of us. The "Mary" sections of each day urge us to connect what we're learning in the home to what we're reading in the Word, and offer spiritual encouragement and insight. There is actually space to write, so it's kind of like a Bible study. The "Martha" sections focus on the practical - what you're going to do (ex. clean the second bedroom's closet), with a plan, and maybe even some accountability. :) It also sometimes includes ways to get your kids involved, etc.

I also like the design, the fonts, and just the general content of this book, and then of course, maybe more than anything, I like that I can tell it's been written by someone just like me... a mom and homemaker with the best of intentions, and the many and varied challenges, and the understanding and the humor about keeping a house clean.

As I go through the book, I'm establishing habits, recognizing my own flaws and tendencies when it comes to housekeeping, working to overcome those, and finding balance. The balance is perhaps my biggest takeaway. This is a down-to-earth book about getting focused, organized, and realistic about keeping house - both inside and out. :)

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.

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